Outfit ideas for what to wear to your Boudoir Session | SF Bay Area boudoir photographer

October 27, 2022

One of the #1 questions that I get asked by my clients when it comes to planning their boudoir session is…

“What should I wear?”

After being a San Francisco Bay Area boudoir photographer for years, I have had time to try out so many different wardrobe ideas on countless women. It is a myth that you must wear lingerie to your boudoir session. There are so many different options and I am excited to make this series of blog posts with new ideas of what to wear to your boudoir session!

1) Topless with Jeans

While it might be an unconventional idea for your boudoir session, these images always look so edgy, sexy and timeless. And it is something you have in your wardrobe already! No shopping necessary! Just bring your favorite pair of jeans and you are good to go!

2) Your favorite stylish jacket

Another unconventional boudoir outfit idea! There is something so sexy about lingerie mixed with a jacket. You can dress it up extra like our beauty on the left with neon lights and bling, or make a casual cozy look to your images like our SF Giants fan on the right. Your boudoir images are about being true to who you are as a human. And these little personal touches make your photos even more authentic.

3) Nothing but a sheet

You don’t need to go shopping for this one either! I can provide it for you at the studio! There is something so classic about a simple white sheet. Depending on how comfortable you feel, you can wear a simple panty with this look or go fully nude under the sheet. My studio is a safe space for you to fully express yourself and get these intimate and sexy photos. Your comfort is my #1 priority, because it is your comfort that helps you let go and create images that show your beauty inside and out.

4) Boots

Not into heels? Then bring your favorite pair of boots! Any kind of boot can be turned into a sexy outfit.

I plan on making this a series, so keep checking back for new outfit ideas. Boudoir sessions are about celebrating what you find to be sexy. Have fun with your wardrobe so that you can create images that are beautifully unique to you!

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