So you’ve booked your boudoir photography session for yourself. You’re super excited, right? But how do you even BEGIN to prepare? It’s a given that you need to plan outfits, hair, and makeup, as well as location. But for this experience to truly be an experience to celebrate yourself, then let’s take time to celebrate ourselves in PREP for your session.  It is my belief that true self-love comes from a mind+body+spirit balance.

Before I had my own boudoir session with my super photography idol, Jennifer Skog, I had recently taken up the hobby of yoga. While I had been photographed in lingerie before in modeling photoshoots, this was the first time since taking up this little yoga hobby. Let me tell you, I had a whole different awareness of my body. When it came to moving into poses and taking the direction I felt like I had a little bit more freedom to be authentic in the images because I had already been doing so many of these poses in my daily yoga flow!

I am no Yoga expert by any means. Just a woman who fell in love with the hobby because of how it made my body feel. And trust me, EVERY BODY TYPE CAN DO YOGA.  Aside from it being a really great prep for your boudoir session, it has some really great self-care benefits such as added flexibility, increased moods and libido, and I have noticed my chronic body pain is basically gone! But most of all I love how sexy I feel now that I am more aware of my body.

To help other babes out there who want to prepare for their boudoir session, I put together a PDF guide together with 5 essential yoga poses to help prep you for your boudoir session.

Get your Guide to using Yoga to prepare for your boudoir session!