Keeping your boudoir photos from your session private

February 10, 2023

One of the top questions I get asked before someone books a boudoir portrait session with me is..

“Will my boudoir photos be kept private or will I find them on social media?”

The answer is : Your images are 100% private for just YOUR eyes!! I’ve even had some of my clients never show their partners because these images were 100% just for them. There are some added benefits to your images being confidential that help make this whole experience better!

artistic boudoir photos by Bay Area Boudoir Photographer Heather Elizabeth

There is less pressure to “perform” because you don’t have to worry about the images being shared on social media. Social media adds so much extra stress in our lives. Before we put a photo up we want to make sure that it’s the right one so that there isn’t a “bad” image of us out there on any platform. However you can simply be present in the moment knowing that no matter what images are taken on the day of your boudoir session, none will be posted without a signed model release form.

YOU have to WANT to show your images publicly.

While I do appreciate it when clients sign up for my yearly Boudie Calls or simply want to be on my Instagram or website, these images are crafted to give you an incredible experience. Social media “likes” are the least of my priorities. The top priority in my studio is giving you an experience that you will never forget and reconnecting you to a confidence that you forgot you had.

A body positive sexy photoshoot by San Francisco Bay Area Boudoir photographer Heather Elizabeth

“But Heather! I WANT to be in your portfolio and social media!”

Mention at your session that you want to sign a model release and get an additional 5 images in your album for a model release! Or if you want an even bigger discount for being on of my muses, get on the mailing list so you will be notified when the yearly BOUDIE CALL is announced to see if you can snag a spot! Spots are very limited so once you see it announced make sure you apply.