Losing weight before your San Francisco Bay Area Boudoir photo session

July 27, 2022

You thought this was going to be a post about how to lose weight for your San Francisco Bay area boudoir session? This will be quite the opposite.

So many times I will get inquiries from people and they will say “I just need to lose some weight before booking you”. This is an absolute falsehood. This is society telling you that to be seen and celebrated you must be this mythical best version of yourself.

What if you are already the best version of yourself at this moment? 

The Best San Francisco Bay Area Body Positive Boudoir studio located in Pleasanton California

Hear me out…

What if you accepted yourself as a constant evolution? An amazing being that will constantly be changing, evolving, and it is up to you to see it as negative or positive?

Boudoir Photography is about celebrating who you are at this moment in time. Not who you wish you were. Not who you used to be. Who are you right this moment? Who are you at this current journey in your life?

It’s also about seeing your beauty through the eyes of another. Much of our lives is spent seeing ourselves through the perspective of a mirror or a selfie. That perspective is usually in bad lighting and looking directly at all the things we find “wrong” about ourselves. Trust me, the world and the people who love you are not looking at you through those same critical eyes.

the best bay area body positive boudoir photographer in Pleasanton California Heather Elizabeth Photography

I am passionate about showing humans that they are worthy of being seen, celebrated and loved no matter the size of their body. I have seen every shape size woman come through my studio doors, and all of them have always had something that they didn’t think was good enough.

While I understand wanting to feel and look your best when investing money into photographs, let me tell you the way to do that has nothing to do with the size of your body. Part of the work I do here is helping women love themselves fearlessly. Coaching them with affirmations of self-love, hyping them up during their session. Hearing their fears, and diffusing them.

Even if you aren’t the size you want to be, I assure you that you will walk out of your San Francisco Bay Area Boudoir session feeling absolutely beautiful in your own skin.

So how will I help you feel amazing in your skin on the day of your Body Positive Boudoir photography experience?

1 ) I will help you with outfit choices that will make you feel comfortable, confident, and sexy.

It is all about finding the right outfit, which many of us have trouble doing! Just because it looks good on the rack, doesn’t mean you are going to feel amazing in it. So with all my clients I make myself available to them when they are shopping to help guide them in outfit choices that will make them feel fantastic. My beautiful clients will mention to me areas they would rather not highlight, and through that I will help with outfit ideas that will make you feel comfortable and sexy in front of the camera.

And sometimes you don’t even need an outfit. I cannot tell you how many clients have felt SEXIEST in nothing but a classic white sheet look.

nude in the sheets boudoir photography san francisco bay area

2 ) Using light and posing to show off the favorite parts of yourself

I never want anyone to come in and tell me everything they dislike about themselves. It starts their shoot off in a vibration of self-hate and insecurity. Rather, I ask them “What do you love about yourself?”

Depending on the answer, I will know what I want to highlight in my images that I take. I take into account what their favorite parts of themselves are and make sure I choose poses that show off those beautiful parts.

Bay area boudoir photographer that is body positive

3 ) You are going to get coached on loving yourself just as you are right now.

My biggest passion in boudoir photography is the 1-on-1 time I have with my clients to make a genuine connection. From the second you walk in, you will be coached and empowered on self-love and self-acceptance. Before you even get a camera on you, I will be guiding you to change your mindset about yourself. By the time you are on set you are feeling ready, excited, and confident!

It is my goal for you to walk out of your Boudoir session with tools that will aid you in building your confidence and self-love for the rest of your life.

4) When you shine your light, you unconsciously allow others to shine theirs as well

Do you know what one of the most healing things I experienced when I was on my journey to self-love and self-acceptance? Seeing other women who had a body like mine who were not being afraid to be seen. Sometimes we forget how much our choices impact others. We can choose to impact them positively by shamelessly loving ourselves deeply. 

There is such a power to being fearlessly yourself.

When you show someone photos of you standing in your light and celebrating yourself just as you are, you permit them to do it themselves. The power of that is incredible.

Empowered, confident women empower other woman and girls to be confident.

artistic boudoir photographer san francisco bay area

So are you ready to be seen in your authentic light? The first step to booking your San Francisco Bay Area boudoir photo shoot is to contact me. You can schedule a 15-20 minute phone or video consultations. I can answer questions that you might have about your session and get your boudoir shoot booked!