Nicole’s Black and white Noir styled Boudoir session

January 26, 2017

I have known Nicole since the 5th grade. Time flies and through all the changes in our lives we have always stayed connected in some way.

So to flash forward to us both being 30, her getting married and me being a professional photographer, all the pieces fell into place for me to document the best gift for her husband to be. And not only a gift to him, but after she saw the images her feeling of self confidence for when she would be trading in her sexy garments for a beautiful white wedding gown to walk down the aisle to her husband.

She was so kind to let me share these three images with you. The makeup and hair was stellar thanks for my beautiful blonde bombshell Ariel Darling.

black and white noir style boudoir photography in Martinez by Heather Elizabeth Photography Plus size confident and sexy boudoir photography in San Francisco by Heather Elizabeth Photography


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CNN’s Don Lemon came under fire after disputing the GOP criticism of the media’s (of course) “fake news” when asked by a reporter if he believes the media is trying to “defame and smear the President.”

On Wednesday, Lemon advised one of their Washington correspondents to “get real” when it comes to Trump. But his mouthpiece did not submit to Twitter’s chief executive� 05e1106874 primemi

It remains small in size and instant. It can be launched from your desktop and has a quick access bar on the top. It requires minimal resources out there and offers quick and easy task-oriented features that go far beyond a single radio station feature offered by other products and programs. It is actively supported by the Yahoo! Widget Engine as it comes with a standard WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) composition editor. And lastly, it gives you the chance 05e1106874 maiaili

When we say “byte-value”, we mean byte, all the numbers that represent the byte-sequence are integer numbers.

After installed, you can scan a password right from the icon and you will see a screen like this:

Several different tools can be used to test if a password is safe and what requirements would it need to comply with in order to be secure. This section will deal with several different types of analysis the software can perform, from an

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The trial version of Anti Recovery is totally free, and contains no Spyware, it’s offered for both 32bit and 64bit Windows, and features a file size of 129,702.875 bytes. All in all, it’s a worthy product with a decent commercial approach, able to do a precise job, and highly recommended.

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 has turned the latest winner of this year’s edition of Techland’s program “

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Use these Icons to enhance the appearance of your desktop, or for desktop themes.

Feather Wind Icon This dark Wind Icon is the perfect way to setup your desktop and give it a nice looking feel. All of the icons included in this set are available in a Light, Dark or Mono version. There are 5 versions total!

SkyWind Icon If you are looking for a simple, dark and dark looking Icons then you have found what you are looking for in this set!

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Check if you have that version of the software first.Maybe you’ve been reading the news lately about the different ways various states are dealing with the issue of marijuana. In theory, legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado and Washington state could lead to the growth of pot tourism trips that would then make them very rich people. The truth is, though, that they’re not making much money off it yet; if anything, this will probably make it harder for them to generate money.

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The plugin is based on the Displace algorithm from together with a few corrections. The distortion correction is an important factor for the outcome of your
* correction. Exactly how much we can obtain perfect barrel or pincushion is usually not much, even if we have correct compression, tilt, rotation, focus and so on. If you change the noise, depth of field or amount of image noise, you will obtain

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Application: CmnJpgCompiler.exe EXE Ver.Date: March 3, 2014File Size: 4.4 MBRequirements: WindowsXP, VistaSystem Requirements:1) 1 CPUs, 1 GB system RAM, 100MB Disk Space or more2) 300MB Free Disk Space or more3) Network / Internet

MS Word Password Remover 1.0 application is the only easy utility that enables you to eliminate all passwords and make your MS Word document unprotected. You>>>

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In all our tests, we found it to be significantly better than Window’s Paint tool, which sacrifices image quality in order to save space and time.
Resize Image can be downloaded from Softpedia for US$32.00.

Sony SmartWatch 3 has been released: new firmware adds WhatsApp and Facebook notifications Android Police

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after which it will charge for a 7 day free trial.
■ Service runs as SYSTEM user (not the account you installed it under). All files and registry entries it makes will belong to the SYSTEM user.
■ Windows 7 installed. Does not work for Windows 2008 or 2000. To check this, go the Services console and look for “Cuevision Server Monitor Service (CSMSVC)”. You will see a version column. If the version is 7, it does

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You can then edit them, test your work and send them back to your FTP server as you woul…

After installing this, you can do some very easy, but effective, multi-site Google Adwords management. An easy-to-use platform for managing multiple Adwords accounts with a single toolbar. The toolbar has the names of all accounts with a checkbox for each ones, so you can easily manage account by account.
This platform can work as an alternative to Google Ad

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The list of free and even premium VPNs are way too numerous to keep them in any order.
That’s why we have compiled a list of the top VPN providers and services available on the market right now, which together make a well-rounded and trusted VPN experience.
Preserving privacy online can be a tricky business, and many people these days are in desperate need of a privacy-preserving VPN.
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Singing Shark is a fun and cool online game that combines an action-packed fight scene with an online singing game. You will move and dance your way to the beat of the music with your shark buddy.
Activate the combos and unleash your power to increase your score.

Safe Feel Mat is an innovative mobile application designed to assist people with the most common problems and habits that are associated with soft and hard tissues. Safe feel Mat has been created to minimise the discomfort felt

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In December 2001, when XM was launched, Ken Paulson, owner of XM, solicited feedback to create an application that consumers could use to access XM’s new service. This led to the creation of XM Tuner, which was initially developed by Endiablit, a company headed by longtime XM employee Michael Krueger. The first version was based on WinAmp as the codebase, but was later replaced with GStreamer when the original

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It’s perfectly accessible and easy to learn, and comes with a lifetime license, so you can use it constantly without worries. set off the motion sensors to see what movement was taking place inside. He was pleased to see that they were all in one place, the Royal Navy submarine.

He shot a glance at Rizzo as he fitted the key into the ignition, handed him a Steiner and pointed to the submarine. It was a short toss, just the pure joy of seeing

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The animated video style is rather minimalist, and most of the videos come in ready to make the conversion.
Lastly, we like that the program offers a vast number of features.
Quadtree Video Converter supports many formats such as the MKV, MPEG4, 3GP, FLV, AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV, and more. Moreover, it can batch convert the videos.
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■ Open current directories in Windows command prompt.
■ Paste filename from clipboard to Explorer window.
■ Move all selected files/folders to another directory or Explorer window.
The presence of some of these features in Windows 7 is intuitive. In Windows 7 Explorer’s context menu already has all this menu items. However for convenience the Windows 7 Explorer context menu also has a few more options. And these options allow you to do more or less the same tasks without

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■ Open current directories in Windows command prompt.
■ Paste filename from clipboard to Explorer window.
■ Move all selected files/folders to another directory or Explorer window.
The presence of some of these features in Windows 7 is intuitive. In Windows 7 Explorer’s context menu already has all this menu items. However for convenience the Windows 7 Explorer context menu also has a few more options. And these options allow you to do more or less the same tasks without

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Very easy-to-use – works like a charm. It let you type words and misspelled words, ignoring individual characters, e.g. “p”, “e” and “G” chars. Saving time is a multimer: faster with right spelling, more words in a sentence and right language. No advertisements, no registrations and no spyware, no mistakes and no bugs. Typoless is open source software! Free software is not compatible with Microsoft Windows operating systems. Typol

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 Icons are freely customizable allowing you to create your own preset icons or easily change yourself. The order list of the customisation is shown at the bottom of the PACKY  pages.

You can use or personalise these roms and icons with any program you use (e.g. Google Chrome, Brave Browser, Firefox, Opera…) so you can use the icon pack in as many places

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This software was created by the popular Kongregate, the popular place to play games online. Join the fun at Kongregate.
What’s New
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Well designed and easy to use. Looks snazzy and just works!
ColorSafe 4.3 by PhotoSafe Plus Software solves the problem of background expertly, allows you to check photos immediately, preventive care, repeat the screen background is more beautiful, more effective than

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Definitely one of the best free apps there is on Mac.

What’s new in this version:

The Orbit option has a new effect: it decreases the distance in pixels in which clicks are collected. If you click a particular button twice soon the program you set will receive as much clicks as if your mouse click you two times soon the program you set!

The View Mode Show a totally different interface where you can see all the settings that you have changed without even closing the main

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Corner baths are (also as the name might suggest!) designed to fit neatly into the corner of the room. While using up little space, these baths can add an appearance of luxury to your bathroom and enable more walking room around it. Too often, space within a home is wasted, whether that’s unused land, a useless utility room or a half-empty garage. There are tons of ways you can utilise this wasted space, with one of them being the addition of a new bathroom. You can either choose to incorporate a small toilet, ensuite or large family bathroom depending on the space you have to work with, and our team are always at hand to ensure your design is perfect. When taking on any remodeling project, adhering to building codes while procuring the proper permits is critical, and basement bathroom installations are no different. You must have a permit when creating any additional living space, be it a kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom. Don’t skip this part; failing to get a permit can result in fines or, even worse, an order to remove the additions. Since permits also ensure that the new addition is safe, it just makes sense to go through the process. Many renovation professionals use a 10-by-10 kitchen as the industry standard for pricing, especially when it comes to cabinets. Going on the assumption that a 100-square-foot kitchen will have six cabinets on the wall and five below the countertop (subtract one for the sink or dishwasher), the average small kitchen remodel cost for cabinets will be around $3,300. Renovation Design When you have to work around limited space, every type of renovation can take a backseat. But, you need a kitchen large enough to finish your daily cooking chores. It is not necessary to adjust in a small, uncomfortable kitchen just because you live in a condominium. You can spruce up the kitchen space that ensures your comfort while cooking and enables you to cook more often than before. Modern Condo kitchens don’t need to be small. In fact, with the right design, you could double and triple usable space. Integrating around new modern appliances, stoves, fridges and microwaves. Ultimately it’s your designer’s mission to integrate each and every one of your must-have functions with the stylistic vision you’ve been dreaming of.

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