San Francisco Bay Area Body Positive Boudoir Photographer – Megan’s boudoir experience

April 14, 2023

One of the most rewarding things about being a San Francisco Bay Area Boudoir photographer is the lasting effects that it has on my beautiful clients. I pride myself on the fact that these experiences are far more than just “pretty pictures”.

It’s about rediscovering yourself. It’s about being able to see the beauty that the world sees in you, but you could never see in yourself because you were looking through a lens of judgement and insecurity.

In order to get these images I have to not be afraid to connect with my clients. I want to know them as much as I can in our few hours together. These images are meant to be lasting reflections of their beauty, joy, sensuality and confidence as they are now, in this part of their life.

I was overjoyed during my experience photographing Megan in my Pleasanton Boudoir studio. She was such an open book, and I instantly felt warm in her presence.

Here is what she had to say…

“I wouldn’t say I had any fears, but definitely nerves about feeling uncomfortable during the photo shoot – which, did not happen at all.  Heather did an amazing job establishing rapport, comfort, excitement and laughter right away! 

Her coaching, complements, projections (about my viewers potential responses to particular poses) and commentary throughout the day left me feeling like a confident badass in my own skin, which is not something most of us women experience nearly often enough!  

After I saw my final gallery I felt so Sexy!  Giddy even.  Almost could not believe it was really me and something I had felt so nervous initially about sharing with just a few close people, I suddenly felt comfortable with the thought of sharing with nearly anyone.    

I felt such a beautiful shift after my intimate boudoir portrait experience with Heather. Right away even though my husband did not get to know about the photo shoot or see the final pictures for about 2 months after the shoot, he benefited greatly!  The confidence and sexiness I left the phot shoot with and the fun taboo feeling of knowing I was hiding such a great secret from him to gift him later, significantly increased my libido!  Even now months after giving him the photo book and access to the digital images, he’ll randomly text me pictures of myself he’s been admiring and remind me just how sensual I am and how privileged he feels to have a front row seat to sides of me that the rest of the world doesn’t get to experience.  It’s invigorating.      

Heather has a unique ability to make you forget the outside world and become a goddess in your own skin!  Every woman should have this experience at least once! 

The images we created together are nothing short of breathtaking pieces of photographic art. Here are some of my favorites from my afternoon with Megan :

Are you ready for your own body positive boudoir experience? Contact me and let’s start chatting about documenting your beauty during this time in your life.