SF Bay Area Boudoir Photography | Beauty without photoshop

March 8, 2019

There is no denying that photoshop has been selling us a lie of impossible beauty for decades. Perfectly airbrushed skin. Bodies molded in photoshop to sometimes look almost alien. Seeing these images in my youth and even into some of my adulthood they told me the story that I wasn’t enough. They told us all these lies that made us feel like there was something wrong with our bodies.

We don’t need this lie anymore. Your body doesn’t need to be covered up or changed. Stretch marks do not mark you as undesirable. People do not cringe when they see a roll of fat on your body. Your skin has texture and skin tones that paint a piece of art. You don’t need the damn snapchat filters in order to get a good selfie.

My goal when I create images of my clients is that they see themselves with the “flaws”and then challenge them to see them as anything BUT that. To see women as beautiful, sensual creates with these attributes, rather than covering them up.

Miss Alanna wanted her second boudoir session to really be BARE. A bare face, wild hair, and skipped out on the wardrobe entirely. This woman has climbed mountains in Alaska, backpacked for days with no one but her dog as company, and also through a dedication to self-love lost over 100lbs. Every time I am in her presence she inspires me and she doesn’t need a damn bit of photoshop to amaze anyone.

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SF Bay Area Boudoir Photography | Beauty without photoshop – San Francisco Bay Area Boudoir Photography


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SF Bay Area Boudoir Photography | Beauty without photoshop – San Francisco Bay Area Boudoir Photography


SF Bay Area Boudoir Photography | Beauty without photoshop – San Francisco Bay Area Boudoir Photography


SF Bay Area Boudoir Photography | Beauty without photoshop – San Francisco Bay Area Boudoir Photography


SF Bay Area Boudoir Photography | Beauty without photoshop – San Francisco Bay Area Boudoir Photography


SF Bay Area Boudoir Photography | Beauty without photoshop – San Francisco Bay Area Boudoir Photography


SF Bay Area Boudoir Photography | Beauty without photoshop – San Francisco Bay Area Boudoir Photography


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