Sometimes you meet a woman that intimidates you because she is so strong. When I was younger, I would get uncomfortable with the situation. I am sure a lot of you can relate. This stunning, powerful woman walks into the room with that “take no shit” attitude and you know she means it. She is free. She has experienced things that gave her this strength and confidence.

The day I met Lenise for her boudoir session, rather than feeling intimidated by her powerful, feminine energy, I was in awe of it. I was inspired by it.Β  I love the time that we have to chat while Ariel does her hair and makeup magic. We get time to get that girl powerΒ energy going on. Us admiring her strength gave us our own inspiring strength just being around her.

This boudoir session was a Christmas gift to her lover, but she admitted truly this investment was in herself.Β  She was entering this new chapter in her life. Where she was going to let her strength flourish with those that admire it, rather than keeping her down. This was embracing the past as what has built her, and putting herself first in the future. rather than alcohol to calm her understandable nerves, she chose to stay true to herself and enjoy some California legal cannabis. πŸ˜‰

Meeting women like this and being a part of this journey is what makes my heart pound. The gratitude Lenise gave me upon seeing her photos is something that makes me feel gratitude for this gift I have been given.

May the beautiful Lenise inspire you as much as she inspired Ariel and me.

Hair + Makeup by the beautiful and talented Ariel Darling

Β  Β 

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