East Bay Boudoir Photographer | Empowering each other

September 26, 2019

Shaela won a boudoir session with me through a contest I was running a few years back. I guess she enjoyed the prize because when she saw that I moved into the new studio space she booked herself another session! One time wasn’t enough and that’s the attitude that I like. Too many people see boudoir photography as a “One time deal”. Like you need a special occasion to celebrate yourself and document your beauty? Nope, this is something that needs to happen over and over again to remind you of the beauty you’ve lost sight of.

One of the powers of boudoir photography is that it is a great pick me up when you are feeling disconnected from your confidence. For many women (like me!) we will tell ourselves that the hurtful things people do to us have nothing to do with us. People do bad things because they are hurting, it has nothing to do with our worth as a person. However, it can still really rock us to our core leaving us feeling that blockage where our confidence used to flow freely. There are many times in a woman’s life where she can feel this way, and I truly believe in this experience as the ultimate pick me up.

While getting her hair and Makeup done, Shaela and I shared experience about how we had both been feeling this way ourselves due to similar circumstances. Where confidence used to be so easy to hold on to, it seemed like a distant memory. There is something so healing about bonding with someone who is going through the dark times as well. It’s a reminder that the pain is temporary, you are not alone, and you are way more amazing than you realize.

That’s the magic in life. When we can come together and empower each other.

I think it was a healing morning in the studio that day. I watched this beautiful woman get her glow back, and I felt mine come back a little bit as well. Thank you Shaela ❤️


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Now you can choose where you want to withdraw your financial savings. Choose a suitable model and click “Request”. In our example we will withdraw funds to Skrill payment system; If you’re new to online poker, we’re here to help you learn. From hand rankings to basic rules and strategies, find everything you need to get started. The legislation of certain more conservative governments prohibits their citizens from partaking in gambling activities, amongst which poker is included. This is most often done by blocking user transactions from their bank to poker rooms, online casinos or bookmaker offices. Luckily, NETELLER stands beyond the legal capacity of these countries and is, therefore, able to provide its users with a safe and efficient gateway to their favourite poker rooms, including PokerStars. https://aliaprils.com/forum/profile/marshalltazewel/ Diamond Reels Casino Supernova Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Best Gambling Sites usually offer diverse types of bonuses. Users can get no deposit bonuses to check how the service works. Players can also expect a welcome package that often includes a 100% bonus and some free spins. Moreover, crypto casinos and sites regularly have promotions that let clients earn even more. Members of the VIP club receive a wide range of exclusive bonuses and promotions that are not available to Club Dice Casino’s regular players. Plus, they will receive red carpet customer service support around the clock. The three levels to the VIP club are referred to as Emerald, Diamond and Black Diamond. When you are member of Black Diamond, you will receive $1 for every 75 points as opposed to 100 points which is what regular players receive. This is in addition to automatic bonuses on each every deposit you make. Roulette enthusiasts should also take particular note of Club Dice Casino’s Roulette Club.

East Bay Boudoir Photographer | Empowering each other – San Francisco Bay Area Boudoir Photography


East Bay Boudoir Photographer | Empowering each other – San Francisco Bay Area Boudoir Photography


East Bay Boudoir Photographer | Empowering each other – San Francisco Bay Area Boudoir Photography


East Bay Boudoir Photographer | Empowering each other – San Francisco Bay Area Boudoir Photography


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In these programs you get to redeem your points on your credit card. These cards can either come from the internet casino you’re playing , or from third parties. There are many different gift card strategies offered by online casinos. These gift card apps are great once you have to use bonus codes but do not wish to risk losing any cash or even having your account closed. Such programs are also shared with sweepstakes. New players can join at Zodiac Casino and receive 80 Free Spins when they make a NZ$1 deposit. The Free Spins can be used on Microgaming’s world-famous Mega Moolah slot. This African-themed pokie includes five reels, twenty-five pay lines, and bonus rounds. Thus, while the bonus awards players with 80 Free Spins, the game itself might provide more free spins upon activating bonus rounds, significantly increasing a player’s winning chances. When you’re ready to defy the odds and become a billionaire, make a NZ$1 deposit at Zodiac Casino, and receive 80 Free Spins. https://abusetalk.co.uk/forum/profile/wilfredvtf04357/ To win real money playing mobile slots, you’ll have to sign up with a mobile casino that will let you play for real money. We recommend sticking to our top list, as these sites offer the best games, bonuses, and overall features against hundreds of other mobile casinos we’ve reviewed. Do keep in mind that just like with playing on desktop, winning on mobile slots is all about luck since the games are fair and verified for randomness. Like FOX Bet, Hollywood’s Online Casino is available as an iOS app, though slot selection is limited through the app. Table games include American roulette, blackjack, baccarat and three card poker variants. Live dealer games are exactly what the name suggests: There’s a live dealer distributing cards and running the game in real time. Many slot titles available within online casino apps have progressive jackpots, as well.