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For over a decade, I have been absolutely in love with documenting humans in their most authentic, beautiful light. When I first picked up my camera, I thought that I would just be taking pretty pictures, but soon I realized that I could do so much more.

A photograph can change how someone sees themselves. I have seen my subjects bloom right in front of my face once they felt the comfortability to be themselves indeed. They relaxed and let their light shine, and I got to document their essence in a photograph. It has become a borderline obsession of mine to share this gift with people to see how beautiful I see them be and the people who love them see them be.

The entire world spends it’s time making us feel like we aren’t enough. Not pretty enough, not sexy enough or not enough to make it in a world dominated by unrealistic standards of perfection. When you scroll through a curated, overly perfected, photoshopped Instagram feed they try to sell you the lie that you just aren't good enough.

But you are good enough. And it's my goal to show every human I meet that they are.

When we see ourselves as a beautiful, powerful force, our whole world reflects that. This is my true belief when I say, "Self-love is the answer," it is not just a catchphrase. It's how I have seen my life shift and the lives of my clients after I was able to show them how remarkable they are.

You are worthy of being documented now

Artist and animal love since birth

Since I can remember, I have been creating art. Whether it was sketching, watercolor, oils, or acrylic. I was put on this planet to create art and hug fluffy, cute things.

I am a huge nerd and proud of it

A lover of all things Disney, star wars, marvel, and video games. When I am not creating art, I am partaking in my nerd fandoms.

More Tid Bits about me

Modeling, self portraits and theatre taught me about emotion and connection in images

Just some fun facts about your local empowering San Francisco Bay Area Boudoir and portrait photographer

Spending time in theatre, modeling for fellow photographers, and my self-portraits taught me how vital emotion was when creating images that had a feeling.




Meet my hair and beauty team

hair and makeup for o

Empowerment begins before you get in front of the camera




My goal for these experiences is to be filled with joy, empowerment, and feel good from the moment you walk into the studio to the moment you are speechless looking at your final images. These are some of my fantastic makeup and hair artists that my clients love and adore. I am so grateful to have them on my team!

Hair and makeup artist / lead singer of the valley zeros / mama

Hair and makeup / Stylist / CEO / mama/ plant medicine advocate

lead hair and makeup artist / Mac Makeup artist


My studio provides a safe space for you to be seen in your true authenticity. What is sexy to you? What is empowering to you? Let's explore.

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