Bay Area Body Positive Boudoir Photographer | Monica’s third boudoir experience

December 2, 2022

Many people book their first boudoir session thinking it’s a once in a lifetime event. However, by the time they see their photos they know that it’s something that can become a little addicting.

Monica has been seeing me for years now. This is her third session with me that she booked for her birthday. So after photographing her several times, it meant so much to me when I saw her post on my yelp about her experiences with me.

Thank you so much for sharing yourself with me, Monica. Year after year we create stunning images that capture you in every stage of your journey. It’s been an honor and privilege to document you as your birthday gift to yourself every year. You truly deserve to feel beautiful inside and out.

“Heather captures you, your beauty , your strength, the things that everybody but you sees…she shows them to you & reminds you.

The experience is one of a kind as Heather gives complete direction from start to finish. If you have ideas she makes them reality. You leave feeling like you’ve just been apart of a major photo shoot with the confidence of 20 models (with the hair and makeup to match)

The finest quality thirst traps around!”

Are you ready to book your own boudoir experience or just want more information? Send me an e-mail and let’s start a conversation. xo ~ Heather