San Francisco Bay Area Boudoir photographer review – Joyce’s intimate portrait experience

August 3, 2022

This one goes from sweet to spicy, and I couldn’t be more in love with the images we created for Joyce!

As a gift to herself (and her husband to be), Joyce booked a boudoir session and from the initial e-mail I knew that we were going to have a creative afternoon making art. After seeing my neon boudoir photographs that I take at my San Francisco Boudoir studio, she added on a neon look to her session to give her something a little extra funky at her shoot.

I am so grateful that she took the time to post some kind words about her experience with me. When I read her review it brought tears to my eyes knowing that this is truly what I am meant to do.

I had the absolute best experience with Heather’s boudoir photography. Everything was so much fun — starting with getting hair and makeup done while casually chatting helped me settle into the environment and get any nervous energy out.

Heather truly felt like a trusted friend. She showed up so authentically herself (goofy, kind, and uplifting) that it helped me let loose and be my authentic self as well. With her multitude of skills (breath work, positive self talk, and magical light worker with her camera), I was able to really get into my body and let my face and body language relax into my sensual side.

I felt so beautiful and sexy with Heather’s guidance — even though I couldn’t see how all the photos looked at the time, I just felt a deep sense of trust that we were getting some really badass shots. Now that I’ve seen the full gallery, I’m completely blown away by how much I love all the photos (I purchased the full digital collection — they were so incredible).

I am so grateful to Joyce for choosing me in a sea of photographers because she connected with my work. Looking through the images I am truly in awe of the art we created this day. We were able to start off with sweet, sexy images that were more “traditional” boudoir. Then moving into more artistic, and ending in the fun neon lights. Joyce was able to explore so many different sides to herself. I am so grateful that I could provide a safe space to do that.

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